I sought out April’s help in order to calm my stomach down, learn what different supplements and foods would work best for me, and discover different techniques for placing my mind in a calmer state. She was able to help my stomach calm down within the first 30 days!

The biggest change I’ve noticed since beginning my six-month program is I am more conscious of what I eat and the foods that my body doesn’t function well with. This has helped me lose 14 pounds since beginning with her almost 2 months ago! I now have an understanding that it’s not just what you eat, but your mental health is important to your overall health as well.

April has given me HOPE that I will reach that balance. April is a very caring, passionate person who wants to help people be healthy and happy individuals. She offers wonderful support between sessions via email and in-person at your monthly sessions. Anyone that has digestive issues and wants a better quality of life, she’s your gal! You couldn’t find a better person to join your journey to better health than April Norris!
— Mike I., La Habra, CA
I highly recommend April’s Revitalize program! I was in need of some revamping. My diet had become unhealthy and I was always eating on the run - whatever was there, and not the best choices! Throughout the Revitalize:SPRING program, I felt leaner, lighter, and less bloated. Overall, I felt liberated and in control of my body and what was going into it. I was able to get in tune with myself and see what was causing my stomach discomfort, as well as what foods made me feel great!

April is so passionate about what she does. Her knowledge is deep and she is always helpful and available for advice and motivation. It is wonderful to be guided who takes so much joy in what they do! Thank you April!
— Jenna W., Placentia, CA
Before starting the Spring Revitalize program, I wanted to lose weight, learn more about food, and learn more about my body. April was able to teach me the “why” behind what foods we were eating, and how they influence our bodies. I have noticed since completing the detox that my energy level is amazing. I have also begun sleeping through the night!

April is friendly, accessible and knowledgable. If you are someone who wants to learn about food, why it’s important to eat right, and want to make the change toward healthy eating, then sign up! April’s program is a great introduction to whole foods, it’s easy to follow, and very fulfilling. I encourage you to try it and see how you feel at the end of 15 days - it’s worth the time and energy invested!
— Heather M., Corona, CA
After recently giving birth via c-section, I was very concerned that I would never have a flat belly again. I cannot believe the transformation after April’s Revitalize! That was the most exciting aspect during this program. It keeps me motivated to continue my new habits! April can prescribe a healthy lifestyle for a busy new mom like myself, and make it so easy and understandable.

It was amazing how great I felt - almost immediately! I feel so much better eliminating dairy and gluten from my diet - I feel light and energized, less bloated and light on my feet. I didn’t crave or miss my daily Diet Coke addiction either! I never thought it would be so easy to give up caffeine and sugar while feeling satisfied after every meal and snack. This program has helped me give up those “vices” for good. Caffeine no longer controls my mornings. Being a busy working mom, I would sometimes not have time for breakfast. Making a smoothie takes 5 minutes! No excuses to skip breakfast anymore!

I have also learned tools that I will carry with me long after this program has ended: a daily green drink, a daily affirmation, and most importantly, taking time for myself each night! I have very little time for myself these days, and this detox not only forced me to make time for myself, but I enjoyed doing it! I now look forward to having my nightly cup of herbal tea, over my old nightly glass of wine. This has been a complete life change for me!
— Brooke M., Fullerton, CA
I enrolled in April’s program in order to learn what foods flared up my ulcerative colitis, to learn how to eat better, and to lose weight. April provided recipes, meal plans, grocery lists, and weekly calls to keep the group motivated. She also answered any and all questions that I had during the program. In 15 days, the changes have been incredible! I have more energy, less cravings, I’ve lost 10 pounds, and I feel the healthiest I have ever felt.

The Revitalize program is absolutely worth it. Anyone who wants to learn how to eat healthy and learn what foods inflame their body - this is IT! This is good for anyone and everyone. This is the best thing I have decided to do for myself in a very long time. It is so worth it! I feel wonderful. Thank you April!
— Randee H., North Tustin, CA
Before starting the Summer Revitalize program, my goals were to feel healthier, gain some knowledge, and if I lost a few pounds... great! Well, I am so happy and proud to say upon finishing April’s program, I definitely feel much more energetic, my digestion has improved, I’ve learned how to shop for and cook whole-food meals, and I lost 7 pounds!! The program was very well organized, and she does a great job at keeping in touch which helps to keep you motivated. She is extremely knowledgable and easily accessible for any questions that arise. It is easy to see how truly passionate April is in her work. Overall, I would definitely recommend this program! Thank you April!!
— Tiffanie C., La Habra, CA

Before I started working with April, I wanted to feel better, reduce my medications, and improve my quality of sleep. After my 3-month program, I am more calm, I cook more, I sleep better, and my stomach issues are much better! April helped me by teaching me about proper food choices, supplements, how to relax and let stuff go. The biggest change overall is that my anxiety is so much better! I’d recommend April to everyone!
— Tracy R. Ohio
I decided to enroll in April’s program because I wanted to learn more about what foods were causing my body some underlying inflammation, and also to see how I would react to eliminating certain foods from my diet. I also wanted to learn how to be more mindful about the foods I ate.

Since starting the Revitalize program, April has taught me to be more conscious about what I eat, and has helped me to recognize that certain foods can be the cause of inflammation, not only in my stomach, but in other areas of my body.

I have always been a big carbohydrate eater, so I thought that this program was going to be extremely difficult. But after the first 4 days, during the Elimination phase, eating whole foods got much easier. I did, however, have to modify the menu a bit because of my Chron’s Disease, but I still had the results I was looking for. Thankfully, my migraines have reduced dramatically and the inflammation in my right leg has gone down too. I feel great, and I also lost 8 pounds!

April is extremely helpful, knowledgable, and very eager to listen to the needs for your specific body type. She has definitely made a difference in how I look at food today, and I’m grateful that she has given me the tools to help me make better choices for not only myself, but for my family too.
— Sian S., Laguna Niguel, CA
I’ve always been a big snacker, and I needed help on learning to stop when full. After completing April’s 15-day Revitalize program, I’ve stopped buying processed foods, and now choose real, whole foods when I’m hungry. I have lost 5 pounds and feel much better in my own skin. My favorite recipe was the protein balls - WOW! This program taught me that real food is what makes you feel good, how to shop without buying processed foods, and I have learned portion control. Thanks April!
— Jaclyn T., Anthem, AZ
Before I started the Revitalize:SPRING program, my goals were to reduce the amount of Diet Coke and other foods/beverages containing artificial flavors and colors. I wanted to feel healthier, more energetic, less tired, and to lose weight. April was able to help me work towards these goals by providing not only healthy alternatives to unclean foods/beverages, but multiple options that are actually satisfying and appeal to many different tastes.

I have noticed since beginning the program, my energy level has been increased, and there’s a dramatic reduction of the tired, sluggish feeling. I feel lighter on my feet, am able to think more clearly, I am more interactive and playful with my children, and the combination of all these things has increased my self-esteem.

The journaling was a component that made this experience far different than any other “get healthy” or weight-loss program I have tried. Detoxifying the mind and body at the same time was a very enlightening experience. This program was not a struggle at all! With the word “detox”, I automatically thought I was going to be starving and consuming things that tasted like cardboard. The food was delicious, I never felt hungry, and my body has never felt so good!

The biggest overall changes I have noticed are the drastic clearing up of my “chicken skin” (a common condition that I have seen several doctors about, all of which have told me it is something I have to live with), restroom regularity, and digestion, and the realization that I never knew how bloated I was feeling until I didn’t feel that way anymore!

April is an intelligent, educated, passionate, holistic nutritionist, that genuinely wants to see us and our families succeed at the optimal level. She has helped me tremendously by teaching me how to rethink the way I prepare meals for myself and my family, and I want to share that with all of my friends!
— Erin S., Placentia, CA
April is truly passionate about her business and clients, motivating, and very knowledgable. The Spring Revitalize program and working with her has been a great experience. April was always there during the program to answer questions and sent daily motivational emails. There were open lines of communication during the program with quick feedback and provided a very thorough program guide, menus, conference calls and other materials to support. She introduced me to many new recipes and whole foods, and inspired me to incorporate these foods to my family’s diet.

Since completing April’s program I’ve noticed a big increase in my energy level and daily bowel movements. In addition, I’ve experienced a reduction in migraine headaches. April is so enthusiastic about what she does and I look forward to participating in future seasonal programs.
— Melissa P., Trabuco Canyon, CA